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Wine Refrigerators


Typically Wine Refrigerators are used in wine bars, pubs and restaurants to keep wine cool. They take a long time to get to temperature if turned off over night and they consume a lot of power if left on.

Wine Refrigerators can take up a lot of space in a home or bar, often occupying a whole wall. They are cumbersome and largely inefficient, often having glass fronts which although great for displaying wine are not a good insulation.


As well as their obvious problems Wine Refrigerators are normally very expensive, just a quick search on the internet will reveal that they can cost thousands of £’s. Even small display Wine Refrigerators can cost upwards of £1000 and will only hold 30 or so bottles. And for larger units you could pay tens of thousands of pounds for one.


Despite Wine Refrigerators costing a lot of money both to purchase and to run you are still restricted by the speed with which they chill drinks and the space they occupy. And although there are some Rapid Wine Coolers available in the marketplace there are none which rival our own Wine Refrigerator.


Our Wine Refrigerator is unique in many ways; firstly compared to a classic Wine Refrigerator the unit is smaller even than a mini fridge. It can fit under the bar or on a work surface, leaving valuable floor space available. Our Wine cooler is also under £1,500 which makes it a comparatively cheap purchase and massive value for money.


More than simply being cheaper, smaller and chilling your wine in minutes our Wine Refrigerator is built solidly meaning that is a highly robust piece of equipment. Being durable it will last the rigorous use expected from a busy wine bar or restaurant. Compared to cheap plastic Wine Chillers our wine refrigerator will out perform and out last them by far.