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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes.

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Wine Chiller


A Wine Chiller is traditionally an item reserved for those with large amounts of space in their homes, or for people massively into their wine collections. But if you are more impromptu with how you drink your wine keeping a large Wine Chiller or keeping them all stored in your fridge or a Wine Refrigerator can be space and money consuming.


With our Wine Chiller having an impromptu bottle of champagne or white wine at the correct temperature is easy. Not only is it easy but it saves on space to, no need for large American style fridges or a large glass fronted Wine Chiller.


This stylish and robust Wine Chiller is a sturdy and yet elegant piece of equipment that can chill wine in minutes to the proper temperature for drinking. Smaller than a fridge, and smaller than most mini fridges, it can fit onto a worktop or a small fitted space in any kitchen more so than any conventional Bottle Cooler.


The Wine Chiller is many time faster than trying to chill the wine in a freezer to speed up the process. In fact there are no other methods of chilling your wine that are faster than our Wine Chiller without buying special equipment. It also doesn’t require you to have pre made ice to pack into it and can chill up to three bottles of wine at the same time. So it is ideal for barbeques and parties.


The sleek and modern Wine Chiller is perfect for home use but really comes into its own when used in a commercial settings. In restaurants and wine bars it is a handy addition to the existing wine and drinks chillers that keep bottles chilled. The Wine Chiller can fit under a bar or on a flat surface without taking up much room.

As a Commercial Refrigerator it can allow you to serve wine as it should be served within minutes, which means customers aren’t left waiting or simply told that there is no chilled wine.