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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes.

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Wine Bottle Chiller


Kula Products are the only UK supplier of the patented Wine Bottle Chiller, which comes in two models, the Dual Wine Bottle Chiller and the Triple Wine Bottle Chiller. Both are uniquely small and able to fit onto or under any reasonable worktop.


This unique Wine Bottle Chiller is able to chill wine in a few minutes and can chill several bottles at the same time to different temperatures. It is very robust which makes it great for use in a Commercial Environment.


It is however equally good for domestic use especially if you are a wine connoisseur and keep a lot of bottles; in which case the Wine Bottle Chiller will be of particular interest for you and a useful addition to your wine collection. It's small enough to be discrete yet as effective at chilling bottles as a microwave is at heating food. The Bottle Cooler does not damage the wine, the bottle or the label when it is used.


The Wine Bottle Chiller uses a bath of glycol and water, maintained at -35°C, to chill wine quickly and safely. The fluid is stored in an insulated tank and is cooled using basic refrigeration technology. The bottle of wine to be cooled is placed in one of the bags, suspended in the glycol/water bath and the corresponding timer button is pressed. After the number of minutes chosen has elapsed, an alarm sounds and the wine is ready to serve. The Bottle Cooler chills the wine, but the bottle remains dry.

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