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Small Bottle Cooler

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The Small Bottle Cooler is reasonably sized, no larger than some microwave ovens in fact. This means that it can fit easily into your average home kitchen. Additionally when compared to the alternatives the drinks chiller is massively space saving.


A traditional Wine Chiller cabinet can stretch across the whole length of a wall depending on the number of bottles it holds. Most people do not have room for a large glass fronted refrigerator in the average home; likewise if you are having a party or a summer BBQ and you need to keep a lot of beer or wine chilled, the average fridge can become full very quickly and take hours to chill the drinks to the right temperature.


If used in a restaurant the Small Bottle Cooler can replace large drink chillers and Commercial Wine Refrigerator cabinets, freeing up room for more tables or kitchen space. If space is at a premium in your restaurant, saving space is not only vital but can allow you more space for paying customers.

Small Bottle Cooler

Rapid bottle and wine cooler

For domestic use the rapid Small Bottle Cooler is useful if you don’t want to have to keep your drinks chilled all the time. If you have a party or have a lot of BBQ’s in the summer time, the bottle cooler is ideal, you no longer have to offer your guests warm beer or warm wine. As the stock of chilled drinks depletes over the day you can chill new drinks within minutes.


For commercial use this is invaluable, if you own a restaurant and have ever had to serve warm white wine or explain to customers that there is no more cold wine you will understand its value. Even if used in conjunction with large refrigerated cooler, it is useful if a popular brand of wine is sold and all that remains are the un-chilled bottles. This wine cooler can prevent that from happening in a way other wine coolers can not.


Our Small Bottle Cooler are versatile and due to their relatively recent advent there are many uses which may not have been considered before. Supermarkets use these units as a pay per use item, so that customers who purchased drinks in the store can for a price chill them before they leave. Or this can be a value added service, free to customers.


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