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Rapid Wine Cooler


Above all other things our product is a Rapid Wine Cooler, quickly chilling bottles of all kinds of drinks. This is how it separates or differentiates itself from other Wine Coolers.


By "Rapid Wine Cooler", we mean rapid; no more waiting for wine to slowly cool in a fridge. With our Wine Cooler you will be able to cool wine to the right temperature for drinking in minutes.


There are literally hundreds of different models sizes and types of wine coolers and Bottle Coolers; however there are very few Rapid Wine Coolers available on the market today. Having the ability to heat food or drink quickly have been around for years and have become accepted into almost every modern kitchen. This Rapid Wine Cooler is the future of rapid Refrigeration in much the same way.


The Rapid Wine Cooler is capable of achieving the perfect temperature for any bottle in either 2, 4 or 8 minutes, using a coolant at -35°C. Another reason why the Rapid Wine Cooler can cool bottled drinks so quickly is because it can hold and cool up to 3 bottles at once. It can even achieve the temperature in these times with an environmental temperature of up to 18°C.


The internet is full of DIY Rapid Wine Coolers or makeshift methods for cooling beer and wine quickly; everything from wrapping them in wet towels and leaving them in the Refrigerator to slowly turning them whilst holding the bottle against something cold. There are myths and folk tales littering the web with home made solutions but very few that really work. Sure you can chill a drink in some of these ways but the only reason you aren’t using a fridge is because it would take too long.


There is more information about the Rapid Wine Cooler and other articles on its uses throughout the wine bottle coolers website. However, if you would like to speak to us about one Call Us On 00 44 (0)2380 331462.