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Rapid Wine Chiller


Above all everything else this product is a Rapid Wine Chiller, quickly chilling bottles and many different types of drink. This is how it distinguishes itself from other wine chillers available of the market today. When we say “Rapid Wine Chiller”, we do mean rapid…


No need for waiting for the wine to slowly chill in a refrigerator. With this Rapid Wine Chiller you’ll be able to chill the wine to the correct temperature for consumption in just a few minutes.


Unbelievably there are actually many hundreds of varying Wine Chiller models, differing scales and brands of wine chillers and bottle coolers; Although there are not many “rapid wine chillers” available on the internet at the moment. Being able to warm food and drinks rapidly is a luxury that has been available for years. It has become accepted and the equipment is commonly available and seen in almost every contemporary kitchen. Our Rapid Wine Chiller is the future of rapid wine refrigeration in the exact same way.


The Rapid Wine Chiller is able to achieve the correct temperature for any bottle in 2, 4 or 8 minutes flat. It uses a special coolant reduced to -35°C to achieve this. The other main reason why our Rapid Wine Chiller can chill bottled drinks this fast is due to being able to contain and chill either 2 or 3 bottles simultaneously (depending on the model). The wine chiller is able to perform this quickly even when the environmental temperature is up to 18°C.


The World Wide Web is bursting with DIY Rapid Wine Chiller or makeshift methods for chilling beer and wine fast; including covering them in wet towels, putting them in at the bottom of a fridge or freezer, or painstakingly rotating the bottle whilst pressing it against ice or cold water.


There is advice and old wives tales cluttering the internet with home-made answers to the problem. It is possible to chill wine in a few of these ways but the only reason a refrigerator is not used is due to the fact that it would take too long.


There is more information about the Rapid Wine Chiller and other articles on its uses throughout the wine bottle coolers website. However, if you would like to speak to us about one call us on 00 44 (0)2380 331462.