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Rapid Beer Cooler


Our Rapid Beer Cooler is the ideal Rapid Bottle Cooler, whether it is a barbeque in the summer or just a party our beer cooler is perfect. Unlike many wine coolers our product is versatile, being able to fit, hold and cool beers as well as wines.


As a Rapid Beer Cooler it is able to chill a beer to the right temperature in a matter of minutes; so if you, your guests or your customers don’t like drinking warm beer but don’t have any cold ones, using the beer cooler, you no longer have to wait.


Beer can take up to or over an hour to become cool depending on the fridge you put it in, so if you have come back from the supermarket or shop with a crate of beer… you don’t have to wait, you can chuck the rest of them in the fridge, cool a couple and drink a cold beer while you wait for the others.


The Rapid Beer Cooler is ideal If you own or work in a restaurant and space is minimal or you don’t have the capacity to keep large volumes of beer cold the beer cooler can be used to ensure you do not have to compromise on customer services by offering warm beer. Or worse still, not being able to sell the beer until it is cold enough. This demonstrates in just a couple of examples how versatile and revolutionary the beer and wine cooler is.


There is further information regarding the Rapid Beer Cooler and other information articles on its uses throughout the wine bottle coolers website. However, if you would like to speak to us about one call us on 00 44 (0)2380 331 462.