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Triple Bottle Cooler


One of the main advantages of Kula Products's Bottle Cooler is that it can chill up to 3 bottles at a time. There is another model which can chill 2 bottles at a time.


Both of these Triple Bottle Cooler models are able to independantly chill the drinks and will alert you when each one is finished with a sound and a flashing light. Meaning that even in a busy kitchen you will notice that the bottle is chilled to the correct temparature.


This makes it massively useful in commercial kitchens where being able to chill 3 bottles of wine or beer quickly can improve efficiency and the customer experience. In some cases this can help reduce the need to rely on traditional methods of Bottle Cooling.


Kula Products Triple Bottle Cooler is highly efficient in many ways, being small enough to fit into any kitchen easily either on or under a work top. It is also more energy efficent than nealry all Wine Refrigerators, Beverage Coolers and Commerical Refrigeration Equipment; which means it can save you money as well as providing a value added service.


If your restaurant is particular quiet you can turn off the large fridge units and use the Triple Bottle Cooler to chill drinks on demand. Equally when it is very busy it allows you to continue serving chilled drinks even when there are no more chilled bottles left.


For more information on either of the Triple Bottle Cooler models please call us on 00 44 (0)2380 331462 or Contact Us through the Wine Bottle Cooler website.