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Drinks Chiller


Generally a Drinks Chiller can be found in pubs, bars and restaurants used to keep drinks chilled. It can take several hours for a drink chiller to reach the right temperature, if they are left switched off over night. However if they are left switched on over night they can consume a lot of power. A Drinks Chiller occupies a considerable amount of room in either a home or pub. Having glass fronted Drinks Chillers is great for display but not for insulation making them less efficient than they could be.


In addition to these issues, Drinks Chillers are quite often very expensive, a brief browse on the World Wide Web, reveals that a single unit can cost thousands of pounds. Even smaller Drinks Chillers and Wine Refrigerators can cost in excess of £2000 and often only contain no more than 25-30 bottles. A larger drinks chiller could set you back tens of many more thousands of pounds.


Although a Drinks Chiller can cost large amounts of money not only just to purchase one but also to run one; they are still limited by the rapidity with which they are able to cool bottles of drink not to mention the space that they take up. There are other rapid wine coolers available but there isn’t one that rivals the Drinks Chiller that we sell.


This Drinks Chiller is totally distinctive in a number of different ways; In comparison to a standard Drinks chiller this product is more compact, more compact than a small fridge in fact. It is capable of fitting underneath a bar or on a worktop; keeping much needed floor space for other uses. Our Bottle Cooler at under £1500 means that it is a very competitively cheap buy and is great value for your money.


More than simply being less expensive, more compact it actually chills your bottles and drinks in just minutes rather than hours. This Drinks Chiller is constructed out of sturdy materials meaning that it is a tough and durable tool. Being highly robust it will survive the demanding requirements you can expect it to endure in a modern bar or pub. In comparison to cheaper plastic Drink Chillers our Bottle Cooler will both out-perform and out-last them by a long way.


This Drinks Chiller is able to chill drinks up to 3 at a time and to different temperatures and has the capacity to let you know when each one is ready. Using both a red light and an alarm, means that it can be seen or heard in a noisy environment.