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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes.

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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


One of the primary uses of the Bottle Cooler is its use as Commercial Refrigeration Equipment; used in restaurants or bars that have limited space available this rapid bottle chiller unit can be invaluable.


Even if pace is not an issue, the unit is cheaper to run than larger Commercial Refrigeration Equipment.


The unit operates on a "just in time" delivery philosophy whereby you meet the needs of your customers at the time they have them. Rather than keeping 500 wine bottles chilled all night and only sell 40; you can just chill the 40 within minutes of when the drink is ordered!


Or if you charge for a corking service, you can offer to Chill Wine for the customer either at a price or as part of a value added service.


Commercial Refrigerator

This piece of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment is also useful in busy shops or off licenses and supermarkets that sell wine or beer... For £1 they could have the option of Chilling a Few Drinks on their way out, or you could provide this for free to add value to the service you provide.


Equally in bars where bottled beers and stylish drinks are occupying the glass fronted Commercial Refrigerators it is also now possible to offer a larger range of wines without having to pay for expensive Commercial Refrigeration Equipment to keep them all chilled.


If you are a Caterer that provides services on site for customers and clients, formal event, wedding etc, then this Commercial Refrigerator is ideal... It is portable and means that you can keep a fresh supply of chilled or cold wine without having to store it somewhere cool or bring it chilled.