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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes.

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Commercial Beverage Cooler


Kula Products presents the Commercial Beverage Cooler, a unique and versitile Rapid Bottle Cooler that small, stylish, and Chills Bottled Beverages in minutes.


Our Commercial Beverage Cooler is ideal for use in restuarnts where it can save both money and space, while at the same time being able to improve the customer experience...


Because the Beverage Cooler is small, no bigger than a microwve, it can fit onto work surfaces or tuck in between other Restaurant Kitchen Equipment. Compared to standard wine and Beer Chillers our unit is far more practical.


Being able to chill a drink, be it a bottle of beer, wine or an alcopop means that you are able to deliver a drink at the right temprature to the customer regardless of whether it has been in a Commercial Refrigerator for the past 3 hours. This isn't to say that you need to sell the older equipment; it just means that it can now be used to store more popular drinks, chilling the less popular ones with our Commercial Beverage Cooler.


The Commercial Beverage Cooler is also capable of chilling multiple bottles (up to 3) at the same time, each one individually controlled giving you even less limitations on how fast you can serve the drinks. This is especially useful in busy or small environments where you need to meet the customers needs quickly.


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