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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes.

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Bottle CoolerBottle Cooler Features


The Bottle Cooler is available in 2 versions:-2 Bottle Cooler, and a 3 Bottle Cooler. Allowing you to chill multiple and different bottles to differing temperatures. The Bottle Cooler chills wine or beer in just a few minutes.

The Bottle Cooler can chill many different types of bottled drinks, cooling wine, beer, and most bottled beverages.


If space is important to you and large wine refrigerators or Wine Chiller cabinets take up a lot of space, our wine cooler is compact and  takes up very little space.

Bottle Cooler Features

An elegant combination of functionality and design, the Rapid Bottle Cooler allows you to always have your drinks at the best temperature, in just a few minutes.


The Bottle Cooler is simple to use and when each wine or beer reaches the selected temperature, a buzzer and red light indicates which one is ready.

This product is specifically useful in restaurants where space is always at a premium, and service is paramount. Never having to serve warm wine or apologise for not having one chilled, means with our Commercial Refrigeration Equipment you can meet demand without having to prepare. It also means that you free up space by removing wine chiller cabinets for additional tables or designer beers. Even a small table, will generate enough income, to pay for a wine chiller in a very short period of time.


Additionally for restaurant use the wine chiller or Beer Cooler can save you money. Keeping large wine chillers or wine cabinets running, can be expensive. Our Bottle Cooler consumes a lot less power and that power is largely only used when actually needed. So if you have a quiet night in the restaurant, you don’t have to keep 50 bottles of wine cold, but you can still serve cold wine.


+ The bottle chiller doesn’t remove or damage the label on a bottle, in any way.

+ The Bottle Cooler is totally unique in design and is only available in the UK from here.

+ The 3 Bottle Cooler has one aperture that will accept a standard Magnum size bottle.

+ Every unit is supplied with a drain pump for use when the refrigeration fluid needs to be re-charged.