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Wine Bottle Cooler FAQ

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Wine chilled to exactly the right temperature in a matter of minutes is now possible because Bottle Cooler wine chillers can chill white wine, champagne and spirits so much faster than traditional methods.

Ideal for restaurants, bars, gastro pubs, supermarkets, convenience stores and caterers, our products chill to perfection. The Bottle Cooler offers attractive opportunities for adding your company logo, branding your own products or promoting special offers.

Q - How big is it?
The dimensions of the units are detailed on the product sheet on our web-site. However, it is safe to say that a Bottle Cooler 2 is about the size of a large microwave oven.

Q - How does it work?
Bottle Cooler uses a bath of food grade glycol and water, maintained at -35°C, to chill wine quickly and safely. The fluid is stored in an insulated tank and is cooled using basic refrigeration technology. The bottle of wine to be cooled is placed in one of the sleeves, suspended in the glycol/water bath and the corresponding timer button is pressed. After the number of minutes chosen has elapsed, an alarm sounds and the wine is ready to serve. The Bottle Cooler chills the wine, but the bottle remains dry.

Q- How quickly does it chill?
Bottle Cooler chills at an average of -2°C per minute. Some wines will chill more quickly than others due to the thickness of the glass used in the bottle. Champagne takes longer to chill as the glass is much thicker than that used for ordinary wine bottles.

Q - How long do the bags last?
How long the bags last will depend very much on how often the unit is used. Bottle Cooler 2 is recording a average of 2 new sleeves per year - some use less, some use more.

Q - How often do I have to empty the glycol/water mix?
A complete glycol/water change is not needed. We recommend that 5litres of fluid be removed each year to be replaced with pure glycol to ensure that the unit remains at optimum efficiency. The process is inexpensive but if the fluid is corrupted, a complete change is required.

Q – Is the Bottle Cooler is expensive?
Once you own a Bottle Cooler you will appreciate why they cost more than a small fridge. However, their output is twice that of most back- bar fridges and what price can you put on the added service they allow you to provide. In addition the running costs are less that that of of a cabinet type chiller. 


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