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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes.

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Bottle Cooler FAQ

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Q - Serving wine at the perfect temperature
The finer the wine, the less it needs chilling. Bottle Cooler 2 and Bottle Cooler 3 make it possible to serve quality wines to order, without keeping a wide variety of wine permanently chilled - cold wine sells more white wine

Comparison of cooling times of wine (1 litre bottle) by traditional refrigeration, against  Bottle Cooler time.


It's Bottle Cooler time for Restaurants!
Chill any wine you want in minutes with Bottle Cooler 2 or Bottle Cooler 3. This is the secret weapon in the arsenals of top sommeliers worldwide. When wine must be perfectly chilled in minutes... its Bottle Cooler time!


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