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Bottle Cooler FAQ

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Q - What special plumbing and wiring do I need to install the unit?
None. The glycol/water solution is contained within the unit and a normal 13amp socket is all that is required electrically.

Q - What maintenance does the unit require?
It is usual for condensation to collect in the bags overnight. This will obviously freeze to form powdery ice. The bags should be wiped with a clean cloth each morning to remove this "frosting".
Please note that the amount of "frosting" will depend on the humidity and so will vary at each location.

We recommend that to allow any build up of ice that may have formed on the coil inside the unit to melt, it be turned off overnight, once a month. This will allow the build up of ice to be removed . The humidity will vary from location to location and so the amount of ice build up will vary. It should only be necessary to defrost the unit once a month. Please remember that it will take the unit approximately 2 hours to return to full operating temperature once turned back on.

Each time the unit is "de-iced", the glycol solution is diluted. To prevent this from causing any problems, 5 liters of fluid should be removed from the tank, to be replaced with 5 liters of pure glycol. This should be done once a year.

Q - I already have fridges for wine, why do I need a Bottle Cooler?
Bottle Cooler is an addition to fridges. Often, successful shops, restaurants and bars do not have enough refrigeration for the number of wines they want to offer chilled. Having a Bottle Cooler means that you never have to say "sorry, we don't have a bottle of the wine you have chosen, chilled".

Q - I don't sell much wine
Why waste cabinet fridge space for wine, that could be used for more designer beers? Use Bottle Cooler to chill your wine

Q - Is a Bottle Cooler expensive to run?
No, a Bottle Cooler is no more expensive than a fridge to run, and experience has shown that it is more economical than an open fronted chiller cabinet to operate.


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