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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes.

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Beer Chillers


Whether it is in bar and restaurants or at home, traditional Beer Chillers are essentially fridges but with a glass front; they come in many shapes and sizes and ultimately can cost as little or as much as you are prepared to spend. However all commercial Beer Chillers and domestic ones will take a long time to chill your beer.

Kula Products offer our unique rapid Beer Chiller as the alternative to the conventional Refrigeration Equipment. Our Beer Bottle Chiller is able to rapidly reduce the temperature of any glass bottle in a few minutes, using its Glycol liquid cooling system.

This makes Kula Product’s Beer Chiller indispensable especially at a bustling barbeque in the summer at home or in the busy environment of a bar or restaurant. Conventional methods of refrigeration will take hours to chill a bottle of beer or wine potentially leaving the customer without a cold drink.

Of course the Beer Chiller can be used to chill any glass bottle, so wine, beer or champagne don’t have to be stored cold at the expense of a large Commercial Refrigerator. This means that you can store your bottles in a more space saving fashion and keep the floor space for something else… because our Bottle Cooler / Beer Chiller is not much larger than an average domestic microwave.

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