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We stock Wine Coolers capable of chilling wine in a few minutes.

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Kula Products | Wine Bottle Cooler

- Chilled Wine In Minutes! -

Welcome to Wine Bottle Coolers, the website for Kula Products this website is dedicated to a very unique product. It is in essence a bottle chiller, more than that it is a small compact bottle chiller, more still it is a rapid bottle chiller. It is a cleverly designed wine cooler but without the cost of large traditional chilled wine cabinets.

The bottle cooler is capable of chilling a bottle of wine to the best temperature for consumption in just a few minutes. The drinks cooler is capable of reducing temperatures of any bottled drink or beverage in a very short amount of time, ranging from 2 minutes to 8 minutes depending on the starting temperature of the bottle and the thickness of the glass from which it is made.

Wine Chiller Dimensions

The drinks chiller is also compact, no bigger than a large microwave oven; this means it can slot into a small fitted space in a kitchen or on top of a work surface. This product is totally unique, if you need to chill wine or cool beer and want to save space, money and time this Wine Cooler is ideal. This is the ideal Commercial Refrigeration Equipment as it can be used in many commercial environments

As you can see from the image the Wine Bottle Cooler is sleek and modern in design; a product of function and design the rapid bottle cooler is tidy, simple and geometric in shape, which means that it will fit neatly into a small space. It is a totally unique and ingenious modern system originally designed as a wine cooler, the new sleeve allows for it to be used to be a beer chiller or drinks cooler in general.

The wine cooler or Drinks Chiller is available in 2 sizes, a 3 bottle cooler and a 2 Wine Bottle Cooler version, depending on your requirements. Compared to modern wine refrigerators, drink chillers, and refrigerated chiller cabinets our bottle cooler is a step forward...

Microwaves revolutionised kitchens, because if you needed to you could heat something up in minutes; in much the same way but reversed our bottle cooler is capable of reducing the time to chill drinks.